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    By far the best decision I made was going to PFTA Personal Trainer Certifcation School.
    - Monica

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Personal Trainer Certification - Incredible Benefits

  • GET CERTIFIED HERE. We are not a "prep" school. Upon graduation, you will leave our school with a Personal Trainer Certification and a Sports Nutrition Certification. You will be ready to start your new career as soon as you complete the program!
  • NASM PARTNERSHIP. We have teamed up with NASM to bring you all the latest in exercise science and sports nutrition.  Included with your tuition, is the opportunity to test for a nationally accredited personal training certification including NASM and many others.
  • HANDS ON TRAINING. Most courses just give you books and illustrations. We'll get you in the gym and teach you proper positioning and proper technique. Get in the best shape of your life while learning how to exercise the right way!  Become a personal trainer!
  • SMALL CLASSES. Our small personal trainer certification classes get students involved in the discussion which makes for a better learning experience. Students ask many questions throughout class and our knowledgeable instructors will answer all of them.
  • E-LEARNING. Along with class time and gym time, you will be provided with extra online learning material such as notes and videos so you can study at home too!  We give you all the tools necessary to be successful while earning your personal training certification.
  • ONLINE FLASHCARDS.  Along with the hands-on training, we also have over 200 online flashcards for you to study on your own time.  You can access them on your computer, tablet or smartphone.  There's never been a better time to become a personal trainer!
  • ADVANCED CURRICULUM. We are always adding new material to the class to keep up with changes in exercise science and sports nutrition.   Your personal trainer certification will include hands-on training with new equipment such as TRX bands and battling ropes.
  • JOB PLACEMENT. Upon earning your personal trainer certification, we will assist you with acquiring a personal trainer job. We have built good relationships with many of the gyms in the area and will provide you with job leads and interviews.
  • HERO DISCOUNT. Personal training certification discounts for military, police, fire, nurses, and teachers. Call a location near you or request your FREE catalog for more details.

Personal Trainer Certification School Blog

personal trainer certification school blogEveryone loves to see the benefits of weight training and cardio exercise but most people forget about stretching.  Some athletes skip this part of the workout because they don't see the benefits in the mirror like they would for weight training and cardio.  Nevertheless, stretching is important as it can improve sports performance and reduce the risk of injury.  Stretching doesn't have to take a lot of time; in fact, you can get a lot of benefit from just 10 minutes of stretching 3 to 5 times per week, but preferably after every workout.

Moreover, a recent study published by NSCA shows a 30 second stretch after each workout will bring you flexibility benefits after just six short weeks while another study proved that stretching for only six seconds brought no flexibility benefits to the test subjects.  Therefore, reserve the last 10 minutes of your workout for stretching.  You can stretch 15 to 20 muscles in those last 10 minutes if you stretch each muscle for 30 to 40 seconds.  If you are like most Americans, the muscles that require the most attention are the pecs, lats, hamstrings, calves, hip flexors and low back.  Pick out a few more of your favorite stretches and you are on your way to a healthier, more conditioned body!  Happy Health!

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Personal Trainer Certification School Testimonials

personal trainer certification school testimonialI attended PFTA Personal Trainer Certification School on a recommendation from a personal trainer and I'm glad I did!  I am now starting my very own fit body boot camp and can design nutrition plans as well.  My goal is motivate clients to achieve a healthy and sustainable lifestyle so they can reach and maintain their fitness goals!

Amy Wang, PFTA Personal Trainer

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Personal Trainer Certification School Locationspersonal trainer certification school locations

Locations in Austin, Pflugerville, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Spring, Sugarland, Katy, and San Antonio, Texas.

Coming soon: Corpus Christi, Laredo, and McAllen, Texas.

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