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Personal Trainer Certification and Sports Nutrition Certifiation


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    By far the best decision I made was going to PFTA Schools.
    - Monica

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    We have locations in Austin, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, and San Antonio, Texas.

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    The PFTA staff puts together the latest research on exercise science and sports nutrition.

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Incredible Benefits

    become a personal trainer at PFTA schools
  • GET CERTIFIED HERE. We are not a "prep" school. Upon graduation, you will leave our school with a Personal Trainer Certification and a Sports Nutrition Certification. You will be ready to start your new career as soon as you complete the program!
  • HANDS ON TRAINING. Most courses just give you books and illustrations. We'll get you in the gym and teach you proper positioning and proper technique. Get in the best shape of your life while learning how to exercise the right way!
  • SMALL CLASSES. Our small classes get students involved in the discussion which makes for a better learning experience. Students ask many questions throughout class and our knowledgeable instructors will answer all of them.
  • E-LEARNING. Along with class time and gym time, you will be provided with extra online learning material such as notes and videos so you can study at home too!  We give you all the tools necessary to be successful!
  • ONLINE FLASHCARDS.  Along with the hands-on training, we also have over 200 online flashcards for you to study on your own time.  You can access them on your computer, tablet or smartphone.
  • ADVANCED CURRICULUM. We are always adding new material to the class to keep up with changes in exercise science and sports nutrition.
  • JOB PLACEMENT. Upon graduation, we will assist you in acquiring a personal trainer job. We have built good relationships with many of the gyms in the area and will provide you with job leads and interviews.
  • HERO DISCOUNT. Discounts for military, police, fire, nurses, and teachers. Call a location near you or request your FREE catalog for more details.